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Home Wireless Network Support

Wireless networks have become the new standard of creating an inexpensive, yet reliable, secure and efficient online connectivity. However, like any network, the customer may have to face regular wireless connection problems as follows:

  • Wireless setup

  • Wireless Router Setup

  • Wireless Network Security

  • Network Support

  • Wifi Hotspot

  • Wifi Network Setup

  • Wireless Network Configuration

  • Home Network Security

  • Trouble with connecting to Wireless Network

In less time and less cost than you might imagine, the team at My Computer Helper can help create a wireless network for your home or office that can increase your performance and productivity. The advantages of a My Computer Helper wireless network include:

  • Convenience – Because most hardware manufactured have built wireless technology into their products, most computers, servers, printers and peripherals are engineered with wireless technology built into them right out of the box.

  • Mobility – Perhaps the greatest advantage of wireless technology is the ability to connect anywhere you get a signal. This mobility advantage allows anyone connected to the wireless network the ability to send and receive data from any location your signal is present.

  • Low Cost – wireless networks are a low cost alternative to fixed wired networks. Since almost everything you need to connect wirelessly is built into your hardware, establishing your network requires little, if any additional expense.

  • Portability – Once your wireless network is established, it’s easy to expand the network to accept additional users or hardware. No additional fixed wiring is necessary, since the entire wireless network performs without it.

  • Security – Maintain security and still enjoy the ability to stay connected from remote locations. User names, passwords and security protocols protect non-authorized users from accessing your wireless network. And these security measures can be changed as frequently as you like.

  • Increased Productivity – Data and files can be restricted or shared by anyone authorized to use the wireless network no matter where they’re located. Performance and productivity is increased because of file sharing and remote access.

Put the power of wireless networking to work for you with My Computer Helper

Wireless networks can provide incredible freedom and opportunity. With one simple call, our team of networking experts can assist you in establishing your wireless network and provide the security protocols necessary to help assure your data and communications are protected.

If you’re confused or have questions about creating your own wireless network, we invite you to contact the customer care representatives at My Computer Helper and learn how to put the advantages of a My Computer Helper configured wireless network to work for you.

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