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Why You May Need To Speed-Up And Optimize Your Computer

It may seem like such a short time since you got your new computer and now you find that you need to speed-up and optimize your computer already. It was so wonderful when you get your new computer. It ran so fast it and it never seemed to have any problems opening a program or a file. So, what happened?

Just like a car, your computer needs regular maintenance to keep it operating at peak efficiency. Many things collect on a computer in its normal daily operation, especially one used all day in a business environment. When too many of these items collect on a computer, it starts to slow down and show signs of needing to be serviced. This will speed-up and optimize your computer.

One type of item computers tend to collect is temporary files. These can come from Web pages or even when working on a text file, such as Microsoft Word. The program creates a temporary file to protect your work in case the program crashes before you have saved your work.

These temporary files can build up and take up valuable memory on your hard drive. A disk cleanup utility can be used to free up space in your computer’s memory. Microsoft recommends running a disk cleanup utility once a week for the average user with a Windows-based PC.

Other unnecessary items on a computer that take up valuable memory can include downloaded program files. This can include Java applets and ActiveX controls. A disk cleanup utility also can take care of these.

Speed-up and optimize your computer if you have disk fragmentation

Your computer may be slowing down because of disk fragmentation. This occurs when programs are updated and the updates are stored in a separate area on the hard drive than the original program. When the computer attempts to access the information on the file, it must take the time to put these separate pieces together in the right order, which slows the computer down.

A disk defragmenter program can find these different fragments and put them together correctly. This will speed-up and optimize your computer.

A slow computer can also be caused by a virus or spyware. A virus is a malicious program that will replicate itself and look to spread throughout your computer’s memory and cause all sorts of damage. Spyware may not affect your computer, but it will collect and transmit your personal information, so you will want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Viruses and spyware usually require programs designed specifically for removing them.

Most operating systems come with utilities that can help you speed-up and optimize your computer, however if you have a computer that needs more help than you can give, you will want to consider using a professional service that can speed-up and optimize your computer for you. Some services can even do this right over the phone.

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