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Need MS Outlook Express Support?

Need MS Outlook Express Support? If you are still using Outlook Express for your e-mails, in all probabilities you are still using Internet Explorer V6 or below, meaning, it is time you upgraded to the much advanced versions available for Internet Explorer, Windows system, and E-Mail programs. We strongly recommend you should consider using Windows Live Mail or MS Outlook, and see the difference for yourself.

Outlook Express, which was extremely popular till sometime ago, has given way to the more advanced MS Outlook or Windows Live Mail. The Outlook Express Email, which came as a bundle with Internet Explorer V6, is now discontinued as more advanced versions of Internet Explorer are available. Moreover, even if you want to compromise on the versions for Internet Explorer for the sheer liking of Outlook Express, it seems difficult if you are using Windows Vista or later versions of Windows, as it might not be possible to download IE6 or below. These versions of Windows come with a much advanced email program called “Windows Mail”, with enhanced features like Junk e-mail Filters and protection against Phishing Messages.

Subsequently, the Windows Mail was further replaced with Windows Live Mail, which comes with much more advanced features, and includes RSS reader and blogging tool, besides being a News and and an E-mail client. It also provides the advantage of auto configuration with most of the widely used e-mail programs. Besides, you also have the option of using MS Outlook, which is another E-Mail program which comes as a part of the MS Office pack.

However, if you still feel comfortable using Outlook Express, we are here to provide you with Outlook Express support to ensure that you do not have to face any problems with it. Simply call us and we will take care of the rest.

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