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After spending about $700 on a laptop computer, the last thing you expect is to have any kind of repairs that need to be done to it. We spend so much time researching, reading reviews from consumers and comparing laptops to see where we can get the best deal. Once you bring your product to the cash register, then you have to decide if you’re going to pay for the extra levels of computer tech support that is being offered. What started out as a $700 computer can quickly turn into an $800-$900 purchase. When you pay that much for a computer, and extra service protection and warranties, you would expect that when computer repairs are needed, you would be able to receive the help you need in a timely manner.
Many consumers will buy computers for business purposes. When a business person does not have access to his or her most important tool, it can cause a ton of stress to them. Sadly, when it comes time to getting any kind of service done on your computer, you’re typically forced to send your computer into the company and then play the waiting game. Of course, you can only hope that when you get the computer back, it still has all of the important documents that you had.

Wouldn’t it make you feel better if you could talk to a real technical support person? We all want to talk to someone that really understands computers and isn’t only reading questions from a script that is written out on their desk. We want answers and concrete solutions which are covered by the warranty not for the agent to tell you to send your computer in to be diagnosed.

Remote Computer Tech Support vs. Onsite Support

Before you accept the terms to any extra services when purchasing your laptop; you really want to think about it. You should probably research the so called “geeks” and their service just the way that you did when searching for the right computer. You could get service with a team that’s put in thousands of hours of performing solutions to people that were at one time in the exact same position as you. You can get help from teams that will actually diagnose your computer over the phone and remotely be able to perform the fixes and repairs. This way there is no need to send the computer into the service department.

You would actually see the repairs being done on your computer, right on the screen. It’s called remote computer tech support and it’s convenience means that you won’t need to worry about too much interruption during your day, or long lengthy periods while your computer travels back and forth from the technician.

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